Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a stitchy valentine giveaway

Found another cross stitch giveaway. this one is a valentines giveaway located at to stitch or not to stitches blog ,, link below


Its nice to have found so many cross stitchers, In my real - life I dont know anyone who stitches, so I don't really have anyone to share my projects with. And talking about stitchin progress I've currently been working on my mystic wizard pattern. Progress pictures of this one are located on separate page if anyone wants to see it. Maybe this means I'll work on something other than smalls for awhile but I wont hold my breath :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

year of smalls?

so far it looks like this will be a year of small cross stitch projects. Today I finished my 3rd small project of the year. this cute little frog was a fairly quick stitch. I have't been stitch much so it took me 3 days stitch.

I was originally supposed to go to swamp romp today but that fell thru so I spent the day stitching, playing computer games and watch SCIFI channels movie weekend. While I didnt get to do what I wanted to for the weekend I really needed 2 days in a row off so it works out well enough :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ebay is EVIL!!

Another lot of stuff I got on ebay came in today, boy my stash is getting pretty big :) I just can't seem to help myself. this lot didnt have any floss in it but it did have a few pieces of cloth, 2 of which I have a pretty good idea what.I'm gonna do with. I got another afghan in this lot, I'm not exactly sure if I'm gonna use it or not

there was a large amount of cross stitch magazines

there was quite a few leaflets, patterns and a couple of kits including "birdhouse garden" and a small angel kit

After I got the box I sorted thru it, took pictures etc. there were a few things that are gonna end up on my ebay to be sold with the other random stuff thats already there. I'm currently trying to shrink some of my stashes and collections by sorting thru them. :) this month its cross stitch. i've been trying to go thru my book but I've got so many books that'll take me years. and for a couple months last year i sorted thru my lego collection, which I need to sort thru some more

http://myworld.ebay.com/shazzump here's my ebay if anyone is curious to see what being sold

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Really big foot needed

So I came home from work today and went to check the mail and found this hanging off the mail box ---

this spider is pretty good sized her body is about as big around as my thumbnail. She is a problem for several reasons, 1.)I'm arachniphobic, 2.) she's on the mail box of all places 3.) she's a brown widow -- yes a brown widow!! we have black widows which are very common and brown widows which aren't quite as common. I think she's a she cause she's pretty big. It's not the first brown widow I've seen but definately the biggest.. I tried to get a good pic of her belly but I don't think you can see the hourglass very well here. Also I wonder why is she just hanging around like that? Usually widow spiders don't just hang around, they hide in things that I later touch or stick my hand in. wonder if she is sick or something? Do spiders get sick?

I'm not brave enough to kill such a big spider and I have to do the stretch very very far to get to the mailbox while staring at her to make sure she doesnt move while i'm trying to check the mail. Anyone wanna come kill her for me, or even just move her away from the box? I guess she doesnt necessarily have to die, just be gone

Monday, January 23, 2012

TUSAL and a little stashin

This is my TUSAL jar for january. I've been a busy little stitcher. I haven't found a jar to use yet so for now I've just been using a little jar that some mandarin oranges came in. its such a cute little jar.

I spend way to much time shopping on ebay and have several lots of random ebay stuff coming in. today I got one with a few cute little christmas patterns and fabric in it. It also had lot of floss, but it's all JPcoats, which I've never even seen before. :) I shall see what i do with those little bits

And can I say just for the record I hate mondays, why exactly does monday exist? I often feel like garfield on monday morning

waiting for the damn pie to hit me when I crawl out of bed

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January IHSW

I'm off to bed early tonight, I've been double sick this week, I've had a slight case of bronchitis (which i get every year so usually just treat at home) and now have gotten some stupid intestinal virus so I'm very very tired. But before I got to sleep I thought I'd go ahead and post my IHSW progress tonight. I didnt get as much done as i had hoped, I was hoping to finish off my bookmark. I did get a good amount done on it though so i should be finished in a day or so.

this is how it started the weekend off, I stitched a little on friday, saturday and sunday but do to being so tired did go to sleep early each night. And I ended up working today, which is usually my day off, so that I could have next saturday off for "swamp romp".

and this is how it finished off:

I only have one jack-o-lantern a little greenery and some small blue blocks on top and bottom to do and this baby will be ready to go into a book.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

stack o lanterns

I've been sitting here in front of my computer which is in front of the tv (currently watching Project runway all stars) and stitching on my stacked jack-o-lanterns book mark project. I've actually made decent progress on it as shown below.

I don't get as much stitching done as a lot of stitchers do, but that is because I've got a bit of s short and scattered attention span. For instance today I'm playing plant tycoon, reading fan fiction online, watching tv, cross stitching and browsing ebooks for my nook. I swear i'm so scattered its actually kinda funny. Soon I will hopefully get my taxes in cause I want to buy the materials I'll need to start "fire goddess" by Joan elliot

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a day of mystical stitching

today was my day off and luckily my brand spanking new sunday baker only called me once. apparently when she turned on the oven she missed a step and couldnt figure out why the time wasnt working correctly when she put her first batch of bread in. The oven is easy to use and pretty much does everything for you but its complicated to turn on. Take 3 steps to turn it on to heat and it has to be heated and ready before the timer becomes usable. oh well shit does occasionally and luckily i only took me like 2 minutes to figure out the problem then I was back home and stitching for the rest of the day. I decided I needed a break from both my large and my small project so I picked up "mystical wizard" i only did a few stitches earlier this month but otherwise it was practially a fresh project for today and i got quite a bit done on it... picture below

this is the first time I've left threads hanging and I find that it actually lessens my waste of small threads. its a little difficult to get use to with the extra hanging but still kinda cool. and i used some white thread to grid it out because I always have trouble with black fabric, Often end up stiching large sections wrong and have to redo because i just cant get it to line up decently so hopefully gridding will help a little

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

week for cross stitch and giveaways

I'm so week I admit it, I swore to myself that I wouldnt start any new cross stitch patterns until I had finished at least one of my large WIP before starting any new ones. I was trying for the rose drama completion but the urge to start just over came me :P

this is a stacked jack-o-lanterns bookmark pattern that I got out of a craft magazine at some point in time. Not sure which magazine it was but the designer is Robin Kingsley. It's just so cute

At some point I plan to make a halloween afghan with small halloween patterns. At some point I got ahold of a black aida cloth afghan, probably in some ebay lot I bought. I bought a few more small halloween patterns at a cross stitch store I just discovered. Hopefully I now have enough to make the afghan:)

And also Victorian motto sampler shoppe is having another give away, this one for over dyed floss,, i've never worked with over dyed floss but I image it would make for some really gorgeous cross stitches.

head on over to the give away which is here : http://victorianmottosamplershoppe.blogspot.com/2012/01/hand-dyed-floss-give-away-from-motto.html

Sunday, January 8, 2012

WIPocalypse # 1

I've actually stitched quite a bit this month :) I finished a little christmas ornament earlier in the month called gingerbread boy he started out with one green heart and one red heart completed and i worked the rest this month

and i made good progress on my large project drama rose, most of the vase is new stitches

I'm enjoying working on my cross stitch projects that i had basically just quit working on.

blegg!! on 2012

bleh so far 2012 is not shaping up to be any better than 2011. started the year single then spent the end part of this week sick. I do believe I have a cold which sucks because of the fever. I hate running a fever it makes my body ache, and give me a hell of a headache and when i run it for more than a couple days I always end up with bronchitis so now i need to go get an expectorant cause my chest is congested. then to top it off my new sunday person that i've been trying to train apparently had a panic attack at work. :( the manager and everybody else kept giving her conflicting instructions and rushing her and basically just confusing the hell out of her. so she ended up calling me every hour or so till she just ended up freaking out and I had to go help her. turns out she wasnt as bad off as she thought but everyone was just freaking her out because they all kept trying to get into her business but no actually helping her out in anyway. the owner is goin to try to give me a whole day with her where no one will be calling her to work other positions or trying to get her attentio. I told her that if i get her for a whole day to inform all her people that she's not allowed to have phone calls that day because she will belong to me and me alnone

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

stitch give away (not mine) and dresses

Victorian Motto Sampler shoppe is giving away some spice bag kits that are absolutely adorable here : http://victorianmottosamplershoppe.blogspot.com/2012/01/primitive-black-crow-spice-bag-kits-my.html (you'll probably have to cut and paste the link cause my blog is giving me issues with adding links) that I would really like to win, if not I may have to go to her ebay shop and buy some after I get paid. not only do they look like they would be fun to stitch but I think they would probably go great with my SCA stuff, which I barely have any of yet :) speaking of I got my first dress for the event I plan on goin to this month and its exciting. unfortunately since it was premade its a little short on me so I'll eventually have to get an underdress to wear under it.
What I didn't expect was the machine stitching that is showing which I will have to cover with some trim, but I guess that just means I'll spend less time working on my cross stitch this month.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a little christmas in january

A little bit of christmas for the begining of 2012. :) I just finished my first cross stitch of the year. It's a small christmas ornament called "gingerbread boy"

found this little partially worked ornament when I was digging thru my stash looking to see what patterns I have and needed a break from my current large project so finished it off. Took 2 days and now to decide wether to go back to "rose drama" or to pick up one of my other projects that are currently unfinished. what a good way to spend my day off. stitching and digging thru my stash. so many patterns to decide from.

Monday, January 2, 2012

random house

while using stumble! I stumbled on this pic of a house in the mountains,, i think i wanna live here the scene is so gorgeous

when using stumble upon I frequently find pics of picturesque places that I would love to visit or live. If I ever win the power ball I will definately be travelling and probably eventually settle in some random country. Oh if wishes were horses with wings I could fly away from a boring life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

WIPocalypse # 1

While digging around in my stash to see which projects I wanna start next I found 2 more WIP that I started and never finished

this one is a little ornament called gingerbread boy from a company called needlemagic, Inc

this one is called Water Dragon from Janlynn I started this one years ago, I think I stopped stitching on it because I miscounted some stitches, but I'm not sure if that was the reason or if I just wandered off into another project

I currently have 3 WIP cross stitch projects going on I hope to finish at least one of them before i start another, but my attention span is so short I'm not gonna hold my breath on it :P

this one is called universal unity, if i ever finish it it'll be the biggest one I've ever done

this one is called Mai, she will be beautiful if I ever finish it

this one is called Rose Drama and is the one I'm currently working on, I'm hoping to finish this one before I get distracted and move onto one of the others, but will not be holding my breath

I have a fourth that is a wizard that I opened and sorted the threads but never actually never started that will probably be my next to be started.

List of current cross stitch patterns:
1) Mai - by dimensions
2)universal unity - from dimensions
3)rose drama - from creative accents
4) water dragon - from janlynn
5) gingerbread boy FINISHED YAY!