Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back from the dead and OMG BOOKS!

Its been a while since I've posted anything. I haven't stitched since april (sad sad). I didnt stitch in April, may and early june because my airconditioner was broke. Here in louisiana it gets hot early so for all of may and part of june I was all sweaty all the time and I hate getting sweat on my stitch projects. Then I hurt my hand and by the time it healed I was doing other things, trying to clean house for one (bleh). a Short stint trying to lose weight (yeh that didnt succeed) and again I have started trying read/ sort my way through my book collection. BOOK COLLECTION!! is freaking huge. I didnt realize how unruly my books had gotten till I decided to read and inventory it. I have 2 free standing book cases, one built in book case, a cabinet with doors, and 3 plastic drawer things I got from bed and bath all with books in them.. thats not counting the stack in the bathroom the stack in the living room (I collected most of my current readings into one stack) the stack of books on the floor from the boxes of books my dad sent me.. I started this project last year and got distracted by the internet :P since I may have a fracture in my hand ( i bent it weird and it feels just like it did when I broke my finger, both times) I wont be doing the stitching I planned on I'll try to read a few more books. I did manage to read a few since my last review, and I even found 5 books that were doubles that went into the ebay/get rid of stack, and found one that I could even bring enough interest to start reading. I read a few that I decided to keep. the most recent 2 I finished (this weekend as a matter of a fact) the last 2 I finished were actually by the same author and part of a series of 4 Author: kathleen nance and series is her Djinn series. the series is about a race of people from a separate world called Kaf. They are Djinn and their world is full of magic (called Ma-at)Kaf is separate of earth but I guess its kinda parallel. These books are some of the beginings of the paranormal romance genre. the series are about various Djinn that find their mates(lovers) on earth. I read the 1st - "wishes come True" which use to be one of my favorites when I was younger. After reading it again for the first time in years I remembered why I enjoyed these books. The summary is basically a single mother who does not believe in magic or wishing (every wish she has ever mad ended very badly for her) at the prodding of her neighbor who is a very good friend and her 9 year old daughter accidentally summons a bound Djinn by reading a spell from a book. She only reads the spell to prove to her daughter that magic and Djinn aren't real when a naked, good-looking man appears out of nowhere. Of course she thinks its a prank till she accidently makes a wish and he grants it. He spends the whole book trying to get her to make her last 2 wishes (basically he has to be summoned 101 times to earn his freedom, because he was bound into slavery and she is number 90something) she refuses to wish. There are other problems going on during this time, a business rival trying to ruin her and an ex husband that just randomly shows up after 9 years of being gone. of course you know it had a happy ending but I wont tell you what it is.. you'll have to read it to find out. I also read the 4th ( i read it first then remembered it was part of a series) this one is titled "spellbound" unlike the first the Djinn in this one isn't bound, he comes to earth voluntarily looking for his mate. He has been having trouble with his magic and as minstrel for his world his ma-at needs to be in control. As minstrel he helps control the flow of ma-at on kaf and so he did a divining to look for his mate. the woman in this one is leery of his interest because as the daughter of a famous singer she's been used before. He spends most of the book alternating between seducing her and trying to find her stepfather who has a half of a stone tablet that used to belong to the djinns grandmother. the woman is trying to find her stepfather because her boss wants to interview him and if she can get him to agree she can keep her job. anyway Ive rambling on enough and my hand kinda hurts so I will go away now :)I think 'll play a computer game and finish reading my current book. currently reading "viking Tempest" by ashland price, "daughter of the blood" by anne bishop and "darkborn" by alison sinclair. the current totals are ebay/get rid of - 6 keep - 14