Wednesday, September 10, 2014

blegg!! some days just don't wanna

First I made a little progress stitching this month. worked a little on both Mai and snow white. Now onto todays rant :P

Every now and again I rant at work about how lazy todays youth tend to be. most of them have little to no work ethic. An example is a few months ago my secondary baker at work called me at like 5 in the morning wanting me to work her shift. she told me "I woke up covered in blood and having cramps so I can't work today" considering I had been cramping all night and didn't get any sleep and often end up working my days off I told her no and that she had to talk to the manager. needless to say since it was only her first solo day she didnt last very long. she quit shortly after because the manager told her being on her period wasn't a good excuse since the majority of the workers were female and they all managed to come to work and that if hers was that bad she had to provide a doctors excuse. I thought of her today because I woke up covered in blood cramping so bad I could barely stand up with a killer headache that made me so nauseous that it was all I could do to keep yesterdays food down. know what I did? Got up took a quick sponge bath, a handful of midol and Ibuprofen, got dressed and zombie walked my very unhappy ass to work. Sure I glared at everyone who so much as thought in my direction but I went and did all my own work. why? because I work an important position that if its empty the story doesnt open and I know that someone has to do it and since there's only a couple of people trained for it they can't just point at someone and go "your doing this today. I wish I had the kind of work ethic that means I can just not care if I'm screwing everyone else over. okay rant over.. I'm gonna go take some pain pills now