mystical wizard

As of feb 4 I've started outlining the sash on the wizards robes and a few stitches in the aqua section

Progress as of feb 1, 2012 a bit more pink and some of the aquas. Of course I discovered that I had skipped a stitch at one point and had to decide pull it all out (had stitched several other colors) or just work the stitch out. I decide to change a few stitches and work out the coloring and now its not even noticable

progress on wizard as of jan 30, 2012. is actually a couple days of stitching didn't do much stitching on any of the days but all together made a little progress

progress at the end of jan 15. had pretty good progress for the day and only had to pull out one small bit of the pink, I accidently skipped a line of stitching which messed my cout up a bit

I finally started mystical wizard on the jan 5th. I have been swearing i was gonna start this thing for years, i even took it out and started sorting the thread and then proceeded to lose the fabric at some time or another. So I've bought a new fabric wich i really hope is big enough because the pattern does not actually tell me the size how weird is that?

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