Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ISHW and tusal

here's my late ISHW and my late TUSAL all at one time. I actually did not get much stitching done this weekend, it's been a blah kind of month, but I did get a few stitches in this weekend I may actually finish rose drama sometime this year


  1. Hello

    Rose Drama is looking beautiful! Plenty of ends in your TUSAL jar too.

  2. Your stitching is beautiful on the black fabric. Nice jar full of ORTs too!

  3. Beautiful project! The vase really stands out on the black fabric

  4. Hello, I am your new follower from far far away.

    I always say that, to stitch on the black fabric is a real challenging. Black background and roses together make your work beautiful! Well done!!!

    Look forward to seeing its progress!

    1. I have more trouble on black fabric too.. for some reason I always manage to make just a few stitches too big