Sunday, October 14, 2012

darkborn and new kitty

Still no stitching done by me but lately I've been trying to read through my book collection.. :P I currently have 3 going ( I think, its entirely possible that i have other going that I will remember when I find them) but I just finished one called "darkborn" by alison sinclair. This was an unexpected find, was one of those dollar store impulse buys. The story is apart of a trilogy and now I must get the next two. The story takes place in a world divided by a curse. the curse called Imogenes curse has divided the people into two kinds Darkborn who are blind and will burn and die in the sunlight and the lightborn who can see but sicken and die in the darkness. Before you think its about vampires cause of the burning in sunlight thing its actually not. the darkborn are born sightless and use something call Sonn to "see" their environment I guess sonn is kinda like a magical version of sonar(they can actually see colors and such), their other senses are stronger. The lightborn are sighted but their other senses aren't as strong as the darkborns. Darkborn fear and shun magic while the lightborn use it freely. Instead of magic darkborn use preindustrial technology. the book takes place in a city where the two live side by side. the hero of the story is a darkborn doctor who one morning takes in a pregnant darkborn woman from his past just before sunrise offering her sanctuary from the sun. this action leads him and his family into danger when people come seeking the babies born. there is kidnapping, attempted murders, and other dangerous happenings. In the end the doctor and his wife are drawn into saving not only their own family but part of the darkborn nobility uncovering a danger to everyone darkborn and lightborn alike from the shadowlands. I actually enjoyed this book even though i don't usually enjoy books set in the preindustrial or victorian type setting. On a more personnal note I took in a stray that was hanging around our laundry room. I've never owned a female cat before but she was just so sweet and loving for a stray that I just couldnt let her starve. She was all bones when I took her in. I named her Aki (the japanese word for autumn) because her coloring kinda reminds me of fall, falling leaves and halloween. this is her in this picture : She adores me apparently. she has to scent mark me anytime I've been out of the house, tries to pull me out of the shower (apparently the shower scares her, she cries and tries to pull anypart of me that gets to close to the edge out) She also likes to lay on my chest and stare at me from the end of my nose when I try to sleep. Although I have to admit my favorite thing that she has done to bring a smile to my face so far is one night I woke up and she was using my knee as a pillow. Woke up with a stiff knee the next morning but it was the kinda thing I missed about having a pet. book total currently at sell/get rid of 6 and keep 15 (collection not really getting smaller)


  1. Your new kitty seems to have found the perfect home with you!

  2. Love to Aki - gorgeous pussy cat. She is so lucky to have found you. Thanks for the book review, too, I will have to check it out.

    1. you should check it out, I'll be getting the second one when payday comes. Aki looks to be at least part tortie. such pretty coloring