Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dragonhome? interesting name :)

It's been a while since I reviewed a book. (I'm such a bad useless blogger) I've actually finished 3 since my last blog, and am currently reading 3 such a short attention span. I'm not gonna review all 3 at one time though cause that would make a super big post and I gotta get up early for work tommorrow and it kinda late. For today I'm only gonna do the last one I just finished called "The secret of Dragonhome" by john peel.

I bought this book a while book but never got around to reading it, probably bought it cause the name mentioned dragons and I've always been a bit dragon crazy. this book was a good read, started a bit slow but quickly got interesting. Its the story of a teenaged girl and her brother. The world in this book is divided into 5 kingdoms who are constantly at war (or so it seems). These wars are fought by people called talents, these are people with various powers refered to as "talent" no one is sure what causes the talents but they are taken from their families at young ages and raise and taught to fight the war. When the to main characters Melayne and Sarrow are orphaned by bandits they start on a journey trying to go to an aunt in the hopes of shelter. Both are talents and are afraid to be taken away. During their journey they find out the true purpose of the wars, which is to kill off talents. In a desperate attempt to escape soldiers pursuing them after the escape a training facility they cross the border into an enemy kingdom. The two end up in an old run down castle known as Dragon home where they make new friends and begin to build a new life, till soldiers show up looking for talents. Melaynes talent is communication with animals and during her journeys she is often assisted by a wolf who seems to like her. she often uses various animals and insects to protect herself and her brother. In dragonhome she discovers the secret which is dragons and that begins a whole new set of troubles for her.

if you enjoy journey stories or dragon stories you'll enjoy this book. I've recently found out that the author wrote a sequel which I must read. :) Buying new books is not the way to reduce my inventory but I can't seem to help myself. I've put it into my account and eventually I'll buy it.

On a sidenote I'm currently trying to lose a little weight by balancing my meals a little better. I'm real bad about eating junk or fast items and since I no longer have a gall bladder to help me digest the fatty items I've gained quite a bit. :( I'm also attempting to cut back on my soda intake.. Part of how I'm balancing my meals is to do a bit of a bento style lunch. I premake my lunch the night before with a healthier or more balanced meal and eat that when I get home instead of getting a sandwhich at work or ordering a pizza.

Happy reading everyone.

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