Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random google

I tend to enjoy alotof supernatural entertainments. Most of the books I read, movies i watch and tv I enjoy tend to me about things that go bump. so I just randomly decided to google the question "if you have sex with a werewolf is it beastiality" don't ask cause sometimes my brain scares me..

and this had one of my favorite answers in it its the second one -- the bit about it also being feeding time if the werewolf is in wolf form :P

although some of the answers are kinda funny,, and the fact that other people think about this weird shit kinda makes me feel better about the fact my weird ass mind thought about it.

LOL this one
--- " No, having sex with a werewolf in its human form is not bestiality because it is a human in that stage; however if you had sex with a werewolf in wolf form, then it would be bestiality. Although I do not think that anyone would have sex with a werewolf in wolf form, especially seeing as some werewolves aren't interested in something as mundane as sex.

^^^ Actually we do, just not with the ferals

Hey I love Sex and yeah before I was a werewolf i slept with on in his wolf form It was awesome ~Blood-Moon`

....As an aside, if you sleep with one during your period, you may come away with REALLY hairy legs, if you know what I mean. It is a viral infection spread through the blood by contact with ANY bodily fluid from said beastie. Also, avoid the temptaion to do it 'doggiestyle' the words of the old ones, "Never moon a werewolf". ;) "

Never moon a werewolf --- amen to that cause that just seems like a invitation to dinner to me

And ok Oh God people are really weird -- cause this was in the same search and I'm not sure whether to laugh or run screaming from the room and this site has a picture of the actual product can I just say ewww gross!!!

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