Friday, September 23, 2011

Diabolo manga

so I just finished reading the first volume of a manga called Diabolo. It was pretty good I had forgotten that I even had it which is a shame because the manga publisher that put it out Tokyopop went out of business.

The premise of the story is that Devil offer deal to children and teens. Its pretty much a trick because when they turn 17 whatever powers they gain grows but they start to go crazy and by 18 basically become monsters and psychopaths. the story revolves around two childhood friends Ren and Rai who do the ritual to save Ren's cousin, the cousin disappears and the two are blamed for killing her, they are separated but find each other after they turn 17. They work together to try to find ren's cousin and to stop others who have fallen for the trick and made the deal. I'm not sure if they are trying to stop others from becoming monsters because they are genuinely good people or if they are doing it to spite the devils that tricked them as children. the first volume contains 3 different stories. I found the art work and story line very good. -- here is a link to a site talking about the manga

I hope that the manga will be picked up by another publishing company now that tokypop has gone under, meanwhile I think i will try to find the volumes that did get published.. here I come

totals so far

keep -- 3 sell --- 1

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