Friday, October 21, 2011

Viking Flame review

I just finished reading "viking flame" by Ashland price. this book was originally bought during my viking/scottish book stage. I do remember that ashland price was one of my favorite authors during that phase so when I picked up the book I was looking forward to reading it, what i didnt remember was that it was a sequel to a previous book written. so next I will have to read the previous book just because I prefer to read series together. but anyway on the the book.

Viking Flame was a well written and engaging story. I enjoyed the characters, they grabbed my and I felt what they felt. The female character had a major dilema, her parents had the guy who they thought she should marry who happened to be a erse soldier for the King and then she had the viking she liked who happened to be half erse and trying to settle into ireland in a peaceful manner. Of course when the 2 guys met all hell broke loose. Eventually things worked out in a happy ending (of course since it was a romance novel). but there was enough angst and bad things before the end to get my attention and keep it. I tend to like a little violence or angst in my stories when they aren't paranormal stories.

This book will go into the keep category. next I will have to read the book that this was the sequel to. I think I vaguely remember the story, but we'll see.


keep -- 4 sell -- 1

hmmm.. the collection of books isnt really getting smaller yet?

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