Tuesday, October 25, 2011

random thoughts

Sometimes i wonder exactly why my brain works the way it does? for example As I'm taking my shower tonight I find myself wondering about if the earth stopped spinning? We all have been told that gravity is what holds everything on the surface of the earth, but would really happen if it stopped spinning? We know that everything would leave the surface of the earth and fly into space but would it be a slow fly away? would we all be flailing around trying to land back on the earth or grab hold of something till we suffocated in the upper atmosphere before entering outerspace? Or would it be a quick fling giving us no time to really know completely what is going on? If it was quick like that would we suffocate before space or make it through only to implode in the vacuum of space?

then I find myself wondering which would be more tramatic? would billions of people find themselves waiting to be sorted in the afterlife while flailing away and holding our throats and chests because our last moments are remembering the slow death? Or waiting to be sorted while being confused from the suddenness of a quick flight through the sky and space?

I'm telling you something is just not right in my head. :P

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