Wednesday, November 9, 2011

epidemic of stupidity

I swear stupidity is an epidemic and a highly contagious one at that. the end of the world isnt gonna be caused by war,disease, aliens or zombies it will be stupidity that causes it. I had to laugh at work today cause the manager told me that their was alot of mental retardation at work and that I needed to compensate for it. I told her that i shouldnt have to compensate for people that outrank me at work. I mean really if you are management, even if its only a night manager, should i really have to correct your work? A little common sense in the work force couldnt possibly be a bad thing, its bad enough i have to deal with stupidity just walking down the street but at work too? It amazes me how arrogant americans can be with thinking that they are all that when they can't even do the simplest things without people having to compensate, redo or correct them. Sometimes people try to tell me its laziness but is it really laziness if you do twice the work or walk farther just to do it wrong? when i'm being lazy i try to do the quickest and closest thing or way so that i don't have to walk farther or work harder. really people stupidity needs to have something done about it,, maybe mandatory sterilization for people that show absolutely no common sense? a new drug to make people use their brain?

Okay irritated rant over... :P

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