Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leaping lizards

Here's a random funny short work story for you all. We were all laughing for quite a while afterwards.

Here in southern Louisiana one of the things we have in abundance is lizards, both big ones (crocs) and the little lizard, and sometimes they manage to get into your house, car etc. There's been a few mornings I've had to catch and release a few before starting my day, I'm a bit country and lizards don't really phase me frogs neither. spiders are a different story one of those get into the building and you are so on your own cause I'm running for the hills. Anyway as I was getting close to the end of my day I notice all the girls in the kitchen running and cowering, while the owner is obviously trying to sweep something.I go out into the kitchen to figure out what is going on and turns out that she's chasing a lizard with the broom. thats kinda funny cause she picked the broom with the softest bristles so she wasn't actually accomplishing anything just basically chasing it from corner to corner.. Yes I quit laughing long enough when they chased it under the salad table to catch it. Everybody was first shocked because I just went right up to it and then amazed at how quickly I caught it. They were almost as freaked out that I caught the thing as they were about it being in the building. Now I'm known as the go to person to catch those mean little lizards.. LOL poor thing was as scared of them as they were of it. unfortunately it wasnt one of the cute little pinkish ones we often find, just one of the semi ugly brown ones. If I had let them continue chasing the thing they would have been at it all week with that soft broom, I'm not sure if they were trying to kill it or catch it in the dust pan, neither of which would have worked but were definately kinda funny. I know its been hours but I'm still snickering under my breath about it, almost as much because of their reaction to me catching it as their reaction to the lizard itself.


  1. I am so glad that you rescued it from being hurt, I wouldn't want it in my home but neither would I want it killed.

    1. at home I don't mind them in my house but am always worried they might starve. I like lizards and frog partly cause I think they are cute and mostly cause they eat spiders and mosquitos. I'm terrified of spiders and mosquitos carry west nile (there's recently been a case here and I live near the dangerzone)

  2. That's a funny story! Thanks for sharing.