Thursday, November 1, 2012


Heres a few pictures of my unruly collection of books that I am currently trying to read my way through.

the mostly empty one is where I'm moving ones I've read.. although the top shelf is ones I know I'm not gonna get rid of but haven't read yet. top shelf has my christine feehan dark series and jayne castle harmony/st helens series basically. the bottom shelves are mostly pic albums and cross stitch. this is probably the cleanest part of the collection.

Unfortunately this is my only built in bookshelf, if I ever get enough money I'll probably have several built into my dining nook area. the top half is most fantasy including all my Pern, anita blake, sookie stackhouse, merry gentry and most of my books about dragons. the bottom behind the doors is a hodgepodge of books that mostly havent been read. ( I buy alot of books sometimes in grabboxes and used bookstores and mail clubs.)

these 2 are of the catch all desk in the front room. currently it acts as a storage space for the books I'm planning on reading soon..

I love this thing I have 3 of them one of which I use as my night table. they have a hard top and 4 shelves just perfect sized for paperbacks, I usually put the ones I don't read as often. the 1st 2 pics are the one in the living room the 2nd 2 pics are of the one in the bedroom. I mostly keep my old romance novels in it. I went through a phase in high school where I subsribed to 3 or 4 different mail in clubs that sent me romance novels every month..

The next is a cabinet in the bedroom, I have an identical cabinet in my closet but it actually has something other than books in it. :)

My night stand also has books in it..

Even my entertainment center has books. I have my harry potter and magical creature books with the gargoyles bookends. this also has my harry potter movies. the taller shelf has my mangas that are also animes mostly Inuyasha, petshop of horrors, ranma 1/2, FAKE and fruits basket

Random drawers and stacks.. I have books every freaking where...

And just for random funsies... here is Aki faceplanting into her scratch box... apparently she really likes the little bit of catnip that I sprinkle onto it every now and again

Today at work I actually forgot to mix my first batch of bread.. I went on and started my things I usually do while waiting for it to rise and when I came back to check on the dough there was nothing there. I really think I need a few days off. The last few weeks have been crazy 4 weeks in a row I made over-time. one of those weeks I made a whole day and then some over. I usually work 6 to 6 1/2 hour days 6 days aweek and that week I had 8 hours overtime. this week I'm working an 11 day stretch it was originally suppose to be a 12 day stretch but we are in the middle of switching my sunday baker and my old one wanted saturday off so my new one is gonna work friday. Its a bit confusing even to me.

I'm trying to decide which book I'm gonna start when I finish "dragondrums" I'm trying to choose between "the elvenbane" by andre norton, "orphans of the sky" by robert heinlein, "dark descendant" by jenna black, "dreamsnake" by vonda n McIntyre, or "you slay me" by katie MacAlister.. any requests? If anyone sees a book in the collection that they would be interested in me reading and reviewing let me know and I'll move it into my next to read pile. :)


  1. Wow! You really do have books "every freaking where"!!
    Happy Reading and Happy Stitching!

  2. :D I just can't help myself.. bookstores and just call me and then there's more books

  3. WOW you have more books than a public library. Have a good weekend.

    1. LOL I have actually been told that before,but it comes in handy during hurricanes and such when the electricity goes out.. :)