Monday, July 11, 2011


So I've decided to read my way thru my book collection. To anyone who has seen my collection yes I realize that it will take me forever. :) I own alot of books, probably in the thousands. I've been reading and collecting since I was in highschool.
Since I'm bored i thought I'd review some of the books as i read them and decide what to do. Some of the ones that I've outgrown or just dont like (I havent even read all them cause I tend to buy in bulk) :) some I will sell on ebay and most will be kept.I will be using this as a way to actually count my books. :) Last time i counted like 6 or 7 years ago i had over 3000 books, wonder how much they have multiplied?

First book: Relative attraction by celia Scott.
This book was one of the harlequin romance books that I enjoyed as a teenager.
The writing was ok but I just had trouble getting into the book this time. The characters did not really reach out and grab me. I didnt really feel the emotions of the characters. Found it to be a little dry. This ended up being one for ebay.

count: 1 - ebay

anyone interested in seeing what i have in ebay -

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