Friday, May 8, 2015

At Twilight by Maggie shayne

Whoo hoo I do believe my reading slump is officially gone. Now to power thru some of my book collection and pick up some library books to hopefully discover some new worlds to enjoy. I've finished two books since my last post but I'll only do one per post because the last time I did more than one it was a really big post. I threw a random selection of book names in a jar and will randomly choose names of books to read because if left to my own devises I seem to pick the same ones each time because I know I like them.

Unfortunately since alot of my books are pretty old because I've been in a slump for the last few years I didn't remember what order some of them were supposed to be in when I put them in the jar so I may end up reading a few out of order like the one I'm posting about today. I recently finished read "At Twilight" by Maggie shayne. This book is published by silhouette in 2002.

At Twilight is a bindup/omnibus of books 4 and 5 of the wings in the night series. It is ok to read the series out of order because each book is basically about a different couple, but several of the characters do show up in other books in the series so if you've read the previous 3 you would recognize other characters and know their back stories. The wings of Night series is a paranormal romance series about vampires. In this world some people are born with a certain antigen called belladonna which enables them to become vampires, but if they don't become vampires apparently they will eventually become sick from the antigen. There is a society call the department of paranormal investigations which basically wants to eradicate all vampires and chosen as those with the antigen are called. they often use chosen as bait and capture vampire and chosen alike to torture and experiment on.

The first book is "Born in Twilight" this is the story of Jameson who has known and been protected by several vampire for most of his life and Angelica a novice nun who was forcibly turned in a dark alley. She then kills her maker after he kills a homeless man from the shelter her order helped at. Jameson has been captured by DPI and rescued again and one night goes wandering and stumbles upon angelica who feeds upon him and drains him to the point of death which his friends turn him to rescue him. Angelica ends up in the care of the DPI for several months till a now vampire Jameson rescues. their romance is a very rocky one and lead to a very interesting story. The experiments that the DPI did on angelica led to some interesting consequences for both of them.

The second book is "Beyond Twilight" is the story of vampiress Cuyler and Ramsey who is the DPI agent sent to capture her. She spends alot of time basically playing pranks on him and generally making his life difficult. At the beginning of this story she kidnaps him and takes him to one of her safe houses. She is confused by him because as far as she can tell he does not have the antigen to be a chosen yet she is drawn to him and to protect him.She gives him information that starts him questioning DPI but then of course DPI interferes and makes things interesting.

these were both great reads and remind me why I was reading paranormal romance before it officially became its own genre and not just a sub genre. My copy is old enough to be marked romance instead of paranormal romance and I have read it a few times. The world in this series is an interesting telling of the vampire mythos. I really enjoyed the characters and how you see a few characters in the various books. I can invest in the couple in the book while still seeing familiar characters and how they all interact with each other. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars on and am looking forward to both re-reading the books I already own and buying the ones that came out after the ones I already have. on side note the cover is pretty cool too, I found it a bit creepy but not horror story creepy.

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