Monday, February 13, 2012

cross stitch, legos, trade and insane ramblings

This weekend I got a little stitching done but not much. so far this year I've been rotating my larger WIP between WIPocaplypse postings. For januarys posting i worked on drama rose, februarys post was Mystical wizard, and this month I'm working on Mai. I got in a few stitches here and there, mostly blues, blacks and greys. But I did put in a few brown, red and cream. This is the before picture

and this is the after picture:

I've been thinking of possibly offering some of my cross stitch patterns for trade. I buy quite a bit of things from ebay so I always end up with leaflets and patterns that I will never stitch, usually I put them up on ebay but If people are interested I might put them up for trade here instead. Anyone possibly interested? I tend to prefer patterns involving Cats, halloween, gothic and mystical things(mermaids, fairys, unicorns etc)And oddly enough castles and scenes of historical buildings. It seems I always end up with an excess of christmas (which I'm not overly fond of) baby things, samplers , dogs (which I'm actually scared of) cutesy etc. If I did this it would be an even swap type thing, basically pattern for pattern (not necessarily same size) leaflet for leaflet, magazine for magazine type thing. Whats everyone think?

this weekend I broke the legos back out and started sorting again. Years ago i had my legos stored in a couple of rubbermaids and a repair man that was working on the window apparently stole one of the rubbermaids. Boy was I pissed. luckily I had them in 2 different ones and the second one had the instructions so I only lost several hundred dollars worth of legos and not the instructions. Anywho I started going on ebay and buying lots of legos to try to get the lost ones back because most of the sets were disontinued . now i have lots of legos and always end up with instructions too so I started sorting them and then put them away then started sorting again. Basically what I do is is take out an instruction set go thru all the different legos, put all the pieces I have for each set in a ziploc with instruction and then list what I need to complete. Eventually when I have all the sets complete and put together I'll sell the excess on ebay. so thats what I did this weekend instead of stitching.

and as for the insane part of the title I had to laugh at myself because yet again I found myself wondering about stupid things. This morning it was eating habits. One of the girls at work is a vegetarian and I sometimes find myself wondering why people do that? Don't get me wrong I don't condemn people for being vegetarians or even vegans, I think thats one of those things that people should decide for themselves. i just wonder why sometimes and my brain is weird so the wonderings go something like this,,, (yes you'll probably laugh):

why not eat meat? are bodies are meant to be omnivores so we must need all the diff foods. where do vegetarians get there needed protein? what other food other than meat and beans provide protein and iron we need? why do we eat things we don't digest? I mean really peanuts? ( yeah I ate a whole bag of peanuts yesterday) my body doesnt digest peanuts and now I have sore bottom from eating peanuts. And hey why does my body put them back together after I eat them? I know I chewed the damn things. which leaves me to try to chew them even more the next time I eat them. And corn why does corn taste so good only to not be digested? MMM corn I think I need to buy some corn sounds really good, corn on the cob even better. Wonder how my bosses finger is doing? she really should have paid more attention when using the slicer (she cut off a big chunk of finger working the slicer at work sat, and really why when thinking about vegetarians do I end up thinking about my bosses bloody finger?) Oh hey cough drop!!

and know you know why I call it insane ramblings.. following the finding of the cough drop I went wondering thru the store looking for a soup ladle that I had forgot to put in the soup when I made it. I swear sometimes I think my mind has a mind of its own


  1. The chart swap sounds like a good idea, unfortunately for me I like all the same things as you!
    If any of your Lego would like to visit a 9 year old boy and be loved for evermore feel free to send it our way, we love Lego. I store our spare bits in tubs of the same colour so when you need a little blue piece you only have one tub to rummage through. I say "our" Lego but now all I am allowed to do is put the stickers on.
    I also know what you mean about random thoughts! The answer to the protein question is Cheese. Vegetarians eat alot of cheese. And vegetables. Neither of which I like, I am actually cheese-intolerant. My throat closes up if I can taste it which is why I have had to stop eating cheesecake. How ridiculous is that?

    1. when I finish sorting the legos I'll have to keep you in mind :) can't promise it'll be in a timely manner cause I've a short attention span though:) Actually the cheese intolerant isnt that odd, when I was little I was allergic to lactose or something or other and couldnt eat anything dairy without a hospital trip apparently (thank goodness I outgrew that)

  2. You never know where your thoughts will take you.

    1. LOL mine frequently take me to places that afterward leave me thinking "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT ABOUT" :D but hey it can be entertaining to myself

  3. very lovely stitching..
    have a lovely day xxx

  4. Great progress on Mai. So sorry to hear that someone stole your Legos. Have fun building up your collection again!