Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some giveaways

Everyone seems to be in a giving mood:) theres a few giveaways goin right now and since I'm home all day I'm catching up on my blog reading cause the last few days I haven't read much. Since I'm reading and catching up thought I'd list a few of the give aways going right now. I'll probably be adding to the list as I stumble into them.

As always victorian motto has several giveaways going so I just put the blog here instead of listing all of them.

Rahenna is giving away some of her finished patterns which I think is a great idea. Maybe I'll do this when I finish some of my current projects

There's a great giveaway at whispers of autumn. No stitch items involved but who doesn't like chocolate?


  1. Thanks for sharing. Going to check out the other now.