Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, mardis gras and Kimono!

Bleg mondays, why exactly is there a monday? I couldnlt sleep so of course I'm really tired, the delivery guys (they deliver our stuff in the middle of the night with noone to supervise them) blocked every conceivable door and walkway, making getting started this morning a pain. Bleh I hate mondays really I do.

an I forgot to post a pic of the kimono pattern I got with my last post so here it is for nicola who wanted a better look at it.

And tomorrow is mardis gras which kinda sucks. Everyone will either be crazy or drunk by the time I leave work which will make going anywhere in this town dangerous. Everyone starts partying early early and parties till late late, there has been years where everyone has partyied till like 2 or 3 in the morning. I'm just glad that I no longer live on the parade route which is where the worst of the partying goes on, especially downtown and by cajunfield (which usually has the fair every year) but on the upside, mardis gras day marks the end of the parades and life will start getting somewhat normal wednesday, well as normal as it gets here in louisiana :P ... here in louisiana their is a festival somewhere every weekend and we don't let things like rain stop us .