Sunday, February 5, 2012

snow white and a movie weekend

today was my day off and for a change I had someone working who already knew what they were doing and didnt have to call me every 10 minutes.. Was really nice. Spent the whole day working on "snow white discovers the cottage" and I think I got a pretty good amount done. the design now has some greys, tans and plenty of greens in it. and a bit more browns. I've decided to start a page for this design and will be adding pics whenever I work on the design.

this weekend I also watched 2 movies. Friday I went to the theater (which happens to be real close to my house, practically next door, only has a cemetary between the 2) and watched "the woman in black". I found this to be worth the money. It was a very creepy movie with lots of startles in it, you know what I mean unexpected little things that make you jump and possibly scream. :) speaking of screaming not far from me in the theater was what sounded like a trio of preteen girls that screamed at all the proper moments which made everyone else jump and scream to.

I also got "planet of the apes" from netflix so finally got to see that one. I was a little worried it might not be good cause the one from a few years back was kinda iffy, it wasnt bad but wasnt great either (the one from a few years back). but this one was pretty good I think. I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again before sending it back