Tuesday, February 7, 2012

february WIPocalypse

this month I actually got quite a bit done. As my main already started WIP I chose Mystical wizard, I had already sorted him out and actually stitched some but had to pull them out so there is no real start pic. I did all the stitching this month.

I got a new one that wasnt on my list but had to start it anyway that was called snow white discovers the cottage. I hope that it will be gorgeous when its done.

I also started and finished 2 small starts, one was a stacked jack o lanterns bookmark and a small frog ornie. pictures of these two are on the finished page.

I'm going to have to rework my original WIPocalypse list so here it goes

previous WIP
1.) rose drama
2.) mystic wizard
3.) universal unity
4.) water dragon
5.) Mai
6.) gingerbread boy --- finished

new starts
1.) snow white discovers the cottage
2.)summer tree fairy (started but didn't get far

planned starts
1.) fire goddess by joan elliot
2.) garfield I won't shine
3.) haunted hotel (autumn series mill hill)
4.) haunted mansion (autumn series mill hill)

1.)gingerbread boy ornie
2.)my pad frog ornie
3.) stack o lanterns bookmark


  1. Oh you're starting one of the Disney Dreams kits! Are you doing the full 12 x 16 or the 5 x 7 vignette? I'm working on Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love and www.ambitiousstitches.blogspot.com is working on Cinderella Wishes Upon a Star! I look forward to watching your progress

    1. I'm doing the full 16 X 12 (this one is apparently wider than tall) I also have the beauty and the beast 5 X 7 but it'll probably take me a while to get to :) I'll have to see how you 2 are doing on yours too :)

  2. beautiful wip..keep up the lovely stitching..
    hugs cucki xxx

  3. Oh no someone else doing one of the disney charts...I've managed to avoid temptation but looking at peoples wips of them make me weaken. I love them especially this one. Great starts so far. The colours on the wizard are so cool! Love it. Good luck with all your projects. Thanx for visiting my blog too!

    1. we'll all have to excuse ourselves and say we're doing an unofficial disney SAL this year :)

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)