Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some giveaways

Everyone seems to be in a giving mood:) theres a few giveaways goin right now and since I'm home all day I'm catching up on my blog reading cause the last few days I haven't read much. Since I'm reading and catching up thought I'd list a few of the give aways going right now. I'll probably be adding to the list as I stumble into them.

As always victorian motto has several giveaways going so I just put the blog here instead of listing all of them.

Rahenna is giving away some of her finished patterns which I think is a great idea. Maybe I'll do this when I finish some of my current projects

There's a great giveaway at whispers of autumn. No stitch items involved but who doesn't like chocolate?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

february TUSAL

Its time for TUSAL again, and I got quite a bit done this month. :) heres my jar this month, and I turned it sideways in the hope that the little handles would show. I still havent found a bigger jar but I did buy another jar of the mandarin oranges so I will probably just use that one when this one fills.

here's my current project. I'm currently working on Mai (shes an oriental lady). today I'm working on the lazy daizys, I only have 4 more to do then I' probably finish outlining the Obi part of her outfit

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, mardis gras and Kimono!

Bleg mondays, why exactly is there a monday? I couldnlt sleep so of course I'm really tired, the delivery guys (they deliver our stuff in the middle of the night with noone to supervise them) blocked every conceivable door and walkway, making getting started this morning a pain. Bleh I hate mondays really I do.

an I forgot to post a pic of the kimono pattern I got with my last post so here it is for nicola who wanted a better look at it.

And tomorrow is mardis gras which kinda sucks. Everyone will either be crazy or drunk by the time I leave work which will make going anywhere in this town dangerous. Everyone starts partying early early and parties till late late, there has been years where everyone has partyied till like 2 or 3 in the morning. I'm just glad that I no longer live on the parade route which is where the worst of the partying goes on, especially downtown and by cajunfield (which usually has the fair every year) but on the upside, mardis gras day marks the end of the parades and life will start getting somewhat normal wednesday, well as normal as it gets here in louisiana :P ... here in louisiana their is a festival somewhere every weekend and we don't let things like rain stop us .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February IHSW

Its sunday evening and i"m going to bed soon so I thought I'd post my IHSW for this weekend. I actually had a very productive weekend this month. So snow white was my project for the weekend and this was the before pic:

and after stitching fri, sat and today this is what it looks like now. I'm actually starting to see shapes, its the cottage in the seen and part of the tree.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

a little too much ebay :)

I've been at the ebay again :P. ive recieved my last 2 lots of ebay purchases which included quite a bit of loot. I got:

lots of kits and patterns, I think the one I really wanted was the Kimono greeting card.

a bit of of fabrics, which I'm glad to have gotten because I have patterns that either require different colors or that I think would just look better on different colors.

I also ordered some stuff from and 123stitch so that I could start Joan Elliots "fire goddess" Some of the specialty items are really hard to find like the kreinik blending filaments and millhill seed beads.

of course I also got a grab bag of fabric just cause I could.

Really I should quit spending so much time on the computer shopping.

Friday, February 17, 2012

IHSW february

whoo hoo that time of the month again,, IHSW (what did you think I meant?) Its friday afternoon I'm off work for the day with only 1 more day till my day off and getting ready to start stitching. I think for the weekend I'm going to concentrate on Snow white. :) so of course here is my before the weekend picture:

hoping to get enough stitching done so that something in the picture can be identified :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

cross stitch, legos, trade and insane ramblings

This weekend I got a little stitching done but not much. so far this year I've been rotating my larger WIP between WIPocaplypse postings. For januarys posting i worked on drama rose, februarys post was Mystical wizard, and this month I'm working on Mai. I got in a few stitches here and there, mostly blues, blacks and greys. But I did put in a few brown, red and cream. This is the before picture

and this is the after picture:

I've been thinking of possibly offering some of my cross stitch patterns for trade. I buy quite a bit of things from ebay so I always end up with leaflets and patterns that I will never stitch, usually I put them up on ebay but If people are interested I might put them up for trade here instead. Anyone possibly interested? I tend to prefer patterns involving Cats, halloween, gothic and mystical things(mermaids, fairys, unicorns etc)And oddly enough castles and scenes of historical buildings. It seems I always end up with an excess of christmas (which I'm not overly fond of) baby things, samplers , dogs (which I'm actually scared of) cutesy etc. If I did this it would be an even swap type thing, basically pattern for pattern (not necessarily same size) leaflet for leaflet, magazine for magazine type thing. Whats everyone think?

this weekend I broke the legos back out and started sorting again. Years ago i had my legos stored in a couple of rubbermaids and a repair man that was working on the window apparently stole one of the rubbermaids. Boy was I pissed. luckily I had them in 2 different ones and the second one had the instructions so I only lost several hundred dollars worth of legos and not the instructions. Anywho I started going on ebay and buying lots of legos to try to get the lost ones back because most of the sets were disontinued . now i have lots of legos and always end up with instructions too so I started sorting them and then put them away then started sorting again. Basically what I do is is take out an instruction set go thru all the different legos, put all the pieces I have for each set in a ziploc with instruction and then list what I need to complete. Eventually when I have all the sets complete and put together I'll sell the excess on ebay. so thats what I did this weekend instead of stitching.

and as for the insane part of the title I had to laugh at myself because yet again I found myself wondering about stupid things. This morning it was eating habits. One of the girls at work is a vegetarian and I sometimes find myself wondering why people do that? Don't get me wrong I don't condemn people for being vegetarians or even vegans, I think thats one of those things that people should decide for themselves. i just wonder why sometimes and my brain is weird so the wonderings go something like this,,, (yes you'll probably laugh):

why not eat meat? are bodies are meant to be omnivores so we must need all the diff foods. where do vegetarians get there needed protein? what other food other than meat and beans provide protein and iron we need? why do we eat things we don't digest? I mean really peanuts? ( yeah I ate a whole bag of peanuts yesterday) my body doesnt digest peanuts and now I have sore bottom from eating peanuts. And hey why does my body put them back together after I eat them? I know I chewed the damn things. which leaves me to try to chew them even more the next time I eat them. And corn why does corn taste so good only to not be digested? MMM corn I think I need to buy some corn sounds really good, corn on the cob even better. Wonder how my bosses finger is doing? she really should have paid more attention when using the slicer (she cut off a big chunk of finger working the slicer at work sat, and really why when thinking about vegetarians do I end up thinking about my bosses bloody finger?) Oh hey cough drop!!

and know you know why I call it insane ramblings.. following the finding of the cough drop I went wondering thru the store looking for a soup ladle that I had forgot to put in the soup when I made it. I swear sometimes I think my mind has a mind of its own

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Its time to hope for patience

It's that time of the year again, time to hope and pray for patience and wish I had some sedatives to stay calm. Signs that that time has come again?

1.)The mobile police stations are out (we have these little trailers that the police dept parks and uses as stations).
2.)the stupid metal barricades are in the middle of the streets
3.) we now have RVs and tents set up in parking lots along the main roads.
4.)There's a large influx of tourists camping out in the middle of town and the hotels are full to max capacity
5.) Everybody Locals and Tourists alike are all wearing stupid jester hats and lots of gold, green and purple. and the plastic beads are crazy.
6.)the drunks good lord the drunks are all over the place. Everyone starts partying early

Now what time of the year could it possibly be you wonder? The opening parade of mardis gras. Grant me patience not to kill, maim or just plain go crazy on someone for the next week and a half.!? Here in louisiana Mardis gras is a big thing, and in lafayette where I live we have like the 3rd biggest mardis gras, which has gotten bigger because of the year all the hurricanes hit. that particular year there was so much damage in new orleans and baton rouge that more people mardi gras'd here and some still come back and some people never moved back to new orleans. For the next week and a half the phrase "lassaiz le bon temp roulier" (translates as "let the good times roll") is never more true.

And to top it off 2 years ago apparently I almost died. mardis gras day my boyfriend of the time (who broke up with me the weekend before thanksgiving last year) took me to the hospital to get an IV because I hadnt held down any fluids in 3 days , we didnt actually expect the doctors to be able to do anything else do to the fact none of the other times I'd gone to the hospital for that pain they had no clue. Turns out my gal bladder had completely failed, just cramped up and couldnt do anything and thats why I kept vomiting. when they ultra sounded me I had an almost solid mass of stone (20 years worth of unpassed gall stones that they couldnt diagnose) and what was stones was fluid (mostly puss apparently) Doctor said If I'd waited 24 more hours I would have died and that they hoped they could get it out without busting it, was very inflamed. It was bad enough that even though though the surgery was usually an out patient type surgery they kept me and extra day ( I spent a total of 2 nights and 2 1/2 days in the hospital cause they were worried about the fact my white blood count was very high.) So this time of the year I get a little morose and thinking about my mortality and a little depressed (I'm prone to depression anyway) and single. Bah I really need patience to get me through this.

Now that I've ranted and raved I'm gonna sort the lovely new batch of legos I just got from ebay

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

february WIPocalypse

this month I actually got quite a bit done. As my main already started WIP I chose Mystical wizard, I had already sorted him out and actually stitched some but had to pull them out so there is no real start pic. I did all the stitching this month.

I got a new one that wasnt on my list but had to start it anyway that was called snow white discovers the cottage. I hope that it will be gorgeous when its done.

I also started and finished 2 small starts, one was a stacked jack o lanterns bookmark and a small frog ornie. pictures of these two are on the finished page.

I'm going to have to rework my original WIPocalypse list so here it goes

previous WIP
1.) rose drama
2.) mystic wizard
3.) universal unity
4.) water dragon
5.) Mai
6.) gingerbread boy --- finished

new starts
1.) snow white discovers the cottage
2.)summer tree fairy (started but didn't get far

planned starts
1.) fire goddess by joan elliot
2.) garfield I won't shine
3.) haunted hotel (autumn series mill hill)
4.) haunted mansion (autumn series mill hill)

1.)gingerbread boy ornie
2.)my pad frog ornie
3.) stack o lanterns bookmark

Sunday, February 5, 2012

snow white and a movie weekend

today was my day off and for a change I had someone working who already knew what they were doing and didnt have to call me every 10 minutes.. Was really nice. Spent the whole day working on "snow white discovers the cottage" and I think I got a pretty good amount done. the design now has some greys, tans and plenty of greens in it. and a bit more browns. I've decided to start a page for this design and will be adding pics whenever I work on the design.

this weekend I also watched 2 movies. Friday I went to the theater (which happens to be real close to my house, practically next door, only has a cemetary between the 2) and watched "the woman in black". I found this to be worth the money. It was a very creepy movie with lots of startles in it, you know what I mean unexpected little things that make you jump and possibly scream. :) speaking of screaming not far from me in the theater was what sounded like a trio of preteen girls that screamed at all the proper moments which made everyone else jump and scream to.

I also got "planet of the apes" from netflix so finally got to see that one. I was a little worried it might not be good cause the one from a few years back was kinda iffy, it wasnt bad but wasnt great either (the one from a few years back). but this one was pretty good I think. I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again before sending it back

Thursday, February 2, 2012

stashings and a bit of kinkade

Got more stuff from ebay :) boy is my stash growing this year.I also took a shopping trip this week.

I got my taxes in the other day so I decided to treat myself to some cross stitch goodness, so I went to hobby lobby and michaels and did a little shopping. I dont often go to michaels because they downsized their needlework section so much. I found a couple of cute patterns including a frog one. I think I want to do a small section of frogs for one of my walls. so far I've got 2 finished ones. and at michaels they had a few fabrics on sale so I got a 25 count linen for a cat pattern that I've been wanting to do.

one of the things I got at hobby lobby was the disney dreams collection "snow white discovers the cottage. the artwork was originally thomas kinkade and its really pretty. It'll be the first time I have worked a full coverage pattern.

of course I just had to start it even though I swore I wasn't going to start anything big till I finished at least one of my big WIPs. Only got a few stitches done, but still started it.