Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ebay is EVIL!!

Another lot of stuff I got on ebay came in today, boy my stash is getting pretty big :) I just can't seem to help myself. this lot didnt have any floss in it but it did have a few pieces of cloth, 2 of which I have a pretty good idea what.I'm gonna do with. I got another afghan in this lot, I'm not exactly sure if I'm gonna use it or not

there was a large amount of cross stitch magazines

there was quite a few leaflets, patterns and a couple of kits including "birdhouse garden" and a small angel kit

After I got the box I sorted thru it, took pictures etc. there were a few things that are gonna end up on my ebay to be sold with the other random stuff thats already there. I'm currently trying to shrink some of my stashes and collections by sorting thru them. :) this month its cross stitch. i've been trying to go thru my book but I've got so many books that'll take me years. and for a couple months last year i sorted thru my lego collection, which I need to sort thru some more here's my ebay if anyone is curious to see what being sold


  1. What an awesome amount of stash you got on eBay! Lucky you! That is also my favorite way to increase my floss and fabric stash.