Wednesday, January 11, 2012

week for cross stitch and giveaways

I'm so week I admit it, I swore to myself that I wouldnt start any new cross stitch patterns until I had finished at least one of my large WIP before starting any new ones. I was trying for the rose drama completion but the urge to start just over came me :P

this is a stacked jack-o-lanterns bookmark pattern that I got out of a craft magazine at some point in time. Not sure which magazine it was but the designer is Robin Kingsley. It's just so cute

At some point I plan to make a halloween afghan with small halloween patterns. At some point I got ahold of a black aida cloth afghan, probably in some ebay lot I bought. I bought a few more small halloween patterns at a cross stitch store I just discovered. Hopefully I now have enough to make the afghan:)

And also Victorian motto sampler shoppe is having another give away, this one for over dyed floss,, i've never worked with over dyed floss but I image it would make for some really gorgeous cross stitches.

head on over to the give away which is here :


  1. Hi, just returning the following. My blog-helper (aka my son, the Large Boy) will love your blog title when I tell him!!

    1. LOL thanks, I couldnt think of what to call it and since my interest tend to be varied and scattered so I couldnt name it after any one thing :)