Sunday, January 22, 2012

January IHSW

I'm off to bed early tonight, I've been double sick this week, I've had a slight case of bronchitis (which i get every year so usually just treat at home) and now have gotten some stupid intestinal virus so I'm very very tired. But before I got to sleep I thought I'd go ahead and post my IHSW progress tonight. I didnt get as much done as i had hoped, I was hoping to finish off my bookmark. I did get a good amount done on it though so i should be finished in a day or so.

this is how it started the weekend off, I stitched a little on friday, saturday and sunday but do to being so tired did go to sleep early each night. And I ended up working today, which is usually my day off, so that I could have next saturday off for "swamp romp".

and this is how it finished off:

I only have one jack-o-lantern a little greenery and some small blue blocks on top and bottom to do and this baby will be ready to go into a book.


  1. That looks fun! :) Nice progress!

    1. Thanks, I love halloween so I'm quite enjoying the bookmark

  2. So sorry to hear you'r not feeling well. Such a cute bookmark! :D