Saturday, January 28, 2012

year of smalls?

so far it looks like this will be a year of small cross stitch projects. Today I finished my 3rd small project of the year. this cute little frog was a fairly quick stitch. I have't been stitch much so it took me 3 days stitch.

I was originally supposed to go to swamp romp today but that fell thru so I spent the day stitching, playing computer games and watch SCIFI channels movie weekend. While I didnt get to do what I wanted to for the weekend I really needed 2 days in a row off so it works out well enough :)


  1. What is a swamp romp? Your frog is a cutie.

    1. its an event put on by my local SCA group, basically bunch of people larping the midieval ages. we dress up and get together and do various things, fighting arts and crafts etc